Food needs to look epic. Because when it looks epic you feel epic looking at it. And then you suddenly feel that you have already taken a good bite of the sandwich.

Yes, it is not that easy to see emotional abuse. But it doesn`t mean that it is not there. Emotional abuse, like physical abuse, is very real and leaves real scars in people`s lives. We invite everybody to be aware of this and act accordingly.

To make a donation, you want to know who the money will go to. We invite you to donate not to an anonymous baby, but to a future talent – a musician, an athlete, a president. Suddenly, your donation seems much more meaningful.

Your body is like a baby – he wants this and that. The best strategy is to give him what he wants. And at the same time give him what he needs.

We like it when artists look at things and themselves from a different angle. This is what Stravinsky did in music that is played and painted simultaneously in this performance. We’re just celebrating it.

Oh, that iconic shape – everyone knows it and everyone loves it. And the best part – it loves you back. Through the generations all over Latvia.

It is so over-the-top sweet and colorful and everything at once that somehow we all just love it more and more with every bubble.

Sometimes we all deserve a little me-time. And there is no better way how to celebrate it than with a nice and delicate snack.